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Automatic Soot Blowing System

Aerovit A/S was founded in 1981 and over the years, we have gained in-depth knowledge of soot fouling and how to remove it through a continuous development of methods and products and several thousand boiler cleanings around the world.

The Aerovit soot blower system dates back to 1992, proving the products durability and our extensive experience in boiler cleaning. What makes the Aerovit soot blower system unique is the fact that we have taken out a patent on the cooling of the valves as well as the soundproofing system. It allows Aerovit valves to be placed in all kinds of areas and applications.

Today we have supplied more than 3000 systems primarily to boiler producers all over Europe. In the recent years we have also experienced a growing demand from the marine market and to installations with catalyst technology.